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Amy Schumer is stand up comedian popular in America! The actress, 36, flaunted her incredible curves in the revealing Instagram photo, while using her canine companion - dressed in a hot dog costume - to protect her modesty as a friend looked on laughing.

  • Her comics portray what the society feels uncomfortable discussing.

  • Going to the dogs: Amy, pictured from behind with her hair tied up into a topknot instructs the pooch, named Gilda, to skedaddle The evening before, Amy had joined her Snatched co-star Goldie Hawn for a singalong.

She has had several star wars with her producers when they try editing her videos as she goes wild on stage.

  • Men can look like whatever and still date a supermodel.

  • She was born in Upper East Side, New York, United States on June 1, 1981, as Amy Beth Schumer.